Stupid Britney Spears Quotes

Some stupid and funny quotes by Britney Spears:

“I’m rich, freakin’ rich. It’s crazy.” – Britney Spears

“The virginity issue. There are so many emotions involved that I would like to be able to wait until I know I’m with the right person and I’m married.” – Britney Spears

“I get to go to a lot of overseas places, like Canada.” – Britney Spears

“Where the hell is Australia anyway?” – Britney Spears

“I performed at Mom and Dad’s party when I was four. Oh my gosh, I was singing a Madonna song and I peed myself.” – Britney Spears

“OMG my pussy is hanging out.” – Britney Spears

“I’m famous, but I’m not famous like freaking Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston.” – Britney Spears

“I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that’s very popular out there in Africa.” – Britney Spears

“I wish my hair was thicker, and I wish my feet were prettier. My toes are really ugly. I wish my ears were smaller. And my nose could be smaller too.” – Britney Spears

“I would rather start out somewhere small, like London or England.” – Britney Spears on where she might start her theater career.

“I like to poo.” – Britney Spears

“I always listen to ‘NSYNC’s Tearin’ Up My Heart. It reminds me to wear a bra.” – Britney Spears

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2 Responses to Stupid Britney Spears Quotes

  1. idiotprufs says:

    Someone should buy her a globe.

  2. Andres Dorcent says:

    Britney Spears after all these years is still a very popular pop singer.

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