Gary Moore Quotes

“I had fun, and they said I had a strong voice. But they also said they were being tougher this year (in selecting contestants). I enjoyed it, though.” – Gary Moore

“The horse’s blood is OK and he’ll be running.” – Gary Moore

“He teaches them they can dream.” – Gary Moore

“This is a safe environment. There’s no bad kids in there. Everybody supports each other. I call this my second family.” – Gary Moore

“A friend is someone who walks into a room when everyone else is walking out.” – Gary Moore

“I certainly hope he’ll handle the ground but it’s going to be horrendous there.” – Gary Moore

“This is a small, rural community with about 13,000 people in our area. The hospital was barely making payroll, so we renegotiated contracts and that left two physicians delivering babies.” – Gary Moore

“Nah. The real bad guys don’t wear hats. All the good guys wear hats.” – Gary Moore

“They blitzed everyone. I don’t know why they did it or what they were trying to do, but it’s football.” – Gary Moore

“He wasn’t a natural and Philip has worked hard to get him jumping. The ground was obviously the key to him today as he seems to love it soft.” – Gary Moore

“He has always been a consistent horse but he was struggling to get his head in front. He’s in the Horses-in-Training sale but we might need to have a re-think.” – Gary Moore

“We need to ensure that the price of funerals is within reach of low-income earners. Better protection for consumers from unscrupulous operators and an effective system to address complaints … is also required.” – Gary Moore

Gary Moore is one of the greatest Blue’s guitarists in the world, that unfortunately has not gotten the recognition he most definitely deserves.

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