Quotes by Taylor Dayne

“I have to be very careful about diet and exercise.” – Taylor Dayne

“My first tour I was on the road for 18 months. You’re just out there promoting.” – Taylor Dayne

“My tastes and inspirational artists were always rather eclectic and diverse.” – Taylor Dayne

“Well, honey, I had the million dollar houses, I had the car, I had the horse, I had the barn; I had everything. Was I set free? I didn’t even know what that meant.” – Taylor Dayne

“I started working out with a trainer and I immediately saw results.” – Taylor Dayne

“Plus, I am paranoid by nature. I need to be in control.” – Taylor Dayne

“To me, it was about finding new opportunities. I know my voice touches people. It has for years. I can’t give that up.” – Taylor Dayne

“I came out the box and for seven years I had a huge career. And then it’s done, it’s dumped. But I ain’t gone, and I refuse to be gone.” – Taylor Dayne

“This is one hell of a business I picked to be in.” – Taylor Dayne

“I smoked some pot as a kid, but I just never did drugs.” – Taylor Dayne

“I’m not looking to go out there and make a rhythmic Timbaland track.” – Taylor Dayne

“And I’m also looking for a comeback record and it has to touch a lot of people.” – Taylor Dayne

“We were raised to be open to unusual and culturally different art.” – Taylor Dayne

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