Kix Brooks Quotes

“He’s pretty hot right now, and he couldn’t be much hotter as a writer. He’s a really good writer, and he writes in a lot of different directions. He’s so crazy that sometimes people who aren’t around both sides of him don’t appreciate what a heartfelt guy he is and how really talented he is.” – Kix Brooks

“John recently had his 32nd birthday party with six Playboy bunnies and a naked fruit lady.” – Kix Brooks

“Today was absolutely as good as I can play. And I was scared to death. I played a couple practice rounds leading up to this event and hacked it all over the place. I didn’t even break 90 in my practice rounds. This is a dream come true for a hacker like me.” – Kix Brooks

“When they said they wanted to experience it, I thought, ‘Come on…. We’re gonna show you a real good time!’ And they gave me almost a whole day, so they sure did get a lot of ground covered…I don’t know how often they have to go 4-wheeling or climb trees to do what they do, but that day, they did. Thank heavens those guys are athletic and have a sense of humor, ’cause we tore it up.” – Kix Brooks

“People work a long, hard-working week, and they wanna get away from all that stuff, too. They want to shout, clap and let it go!” – Kix Brooks

“As an entertainer, I have to connect… Whether it was a beer joint or a stadium, I’ve always wanted to be part of the crowd. After all, you make this music to play for people, whether it’s on the radio or at a concert. You wanna sweep’em up and take’em away – and I don’t think anyone has a chance with these songs.” – Kix Brooks

“What I want to be able to do as an artist, and with this donation, is to reach out to the kids who haven’t found that talent yet or don’t have those opportunities.” – Kix Brooks

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