Blossom Dearie Quotes

Blossom Dearie, the American jazz singer and pianist who was known for her distinctive little-girl voice.

“I always have good songs.” – Blossom Dearie

“Being a director is not my personality.” – Blossom Dearie

“A lot of musicians say that they couldn’t play and sing at the same time—and singers say that they couldn’t sing and play at the same time. Well, with me it’s all just one and the same thing. I don’t like to do either one separately.” – Blossom Dearie

“And a lot of good jazz pianists cannot accompany singers. It’s two different things. Accompanying is a talent all in itself. If you just play 4,000 notes and a lot of useless arpeggios and things—it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a distraction.” – Blossom Dearie

“I’m very fortunate with rhythm sections. I find good musicians all over. And they all like me and my music—I’m very happy about that. We all get along very well. Kenny and Benny—they’re wonderful, I wish it could have gone on longer. Jeff and Johnny are marvellous, too.” – Blossom Dearie

“Everybody does the old songs, and I don’t think I can do them any better than anybody else. And I’m tired of doing them. I’m looking for new songs. But very good songs.” – Blossom Dearie

“The bossa nova movement is the best thing that’s happened in ages. It’s really such good music—so refined and simple, so pretty.” – Blossom Dearie

“The whole group was supposed to go to the States, but they didn’t. So I went home, and stayed there. Since then I’ve been doing a solo on the night club circuit, television and albums.” – Blossom Dearie

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