Quotes From Jack White’s Interviews

“No. I know that’s blasphemous when you are from Detroit.” – Jack White
Rolling Stone’s 2003 Interview on not being a fan of Motown.

“Every time there’s a list of the hundred greatest records of all time, all those albums were recorded in two days. Hardly any of them took a year, I’ll tell you. But it’s important to say, that people know.” – Jack White
In Observer Music Monthly On why they recorded Elephant in two weeks.

“I’m excited by the band [White Stripes]. It really excites me. But it wouldn’t excite me if there weren’t those limitations, if we weren’t living in that box, if we weren’t trapped. Once that goes away, then I’ll know that it’s not worth doing it any more.” – Jack White
Jack White was interviewed by Andrew Perry in Observer Music Monthly.

“But I tend to be that __guy, you know? When me and four friends walk into a restaurant and nobody else talks to the host, I say, “Yeah, it’s a table for five.” I don’t want to be that guy; I wish someone else would say something. But it always ends up being me, and I hate what comes with that. There’s a lot of baggage—ego and narcissism—that comes with leadership. It’s difficult to cope with at times.” – Jack White
On being the drummer (not the frontman) of the band Dead Weather.
This Is Not a Spinal Tap – GQ magazine.

“It seemed like there was no control over it. I think certain things just popped. God was blessing us in telling us that certain things were going the way they were supposed to go.” – Jack White
In an interview by Andrew Perry in Observer Music Monthly on why 2004 was, up to that point, the best year of his life.

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