Joe Meek Quotes

Joe Meek is the first truly independent record producer, who had a powerful effect on the British recording industry, fundamentally changing the way records were made.

“I wanted to create a picture in music of what could be up there in outer space.” – Joe Meek

“At first I was going to record with music that was completely out of this world but realized that it would have very little entertainment value, so I kept the construction of the music down to earth.” – Joe Meek

“He was short of money and he did the best he could with the money he had,” – Ken Ledran said about Joe Meek

“He [Epstein] has got this Merseybeat combo. They’re rubbish,” – Joe Meek said about The Beatles.

“Musically he was a moron but a genius as far as sound was concerned. The production on it was superb and although we’ve since recorded Telstar with modern equipment, we have never got close to the sound he created.” – Clem Cattini

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