Bob Dylan Quotes About Songs

“A song is anything that can walk by itself.” – Bob Dylan

“You just don’t wake up one day and decide that you need to write songs.” – Bob Dylan

“The songs are my lexicon. I believe the songs.” – Bob Dylan

“I’ve never written a political song. Songs can’t save the world. I’ve gone through all that.” – Bob Dylan

“The people in my songs are all me.” – Bob Dylan

“I don’t know how I got to write those songs. Those early songs were almost magically written.” – Bob Dylan

“It’s hard being free in a song-getting it all in. Songs are so confining. Woody Guthrie told me once that songs don’t have to rhyme-that they don’t have to do anything like that. But it’s not true. A song has to have some kind of form to fit into the music. You can bend the words and the meter, but it still has to fit somehow. I’ve been getting freer in the songs I write, but I still feel confined. That’s why I write a lot of poetry-if that’s the word. Poetry can make its own form.” – Bob Dylan

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