Beth Anderson Quotes

Beth Anderson is a composer of neo-romantic, avant-garde music, text-sound works, and musical theater.

“The relationship of feminism to my work and the evolution of the form of my music are in violent flux.” – Beth Anderson

“Women’s music is underrepresented.” – Beth Anderson

“My own mystic bent leads me to believe that musical variations, collage, reiteration and process, or evolution, are beautiful. Life is worth living and beauty is worth making.” – Beth Anderson

“Real music soars above class society.” – Beth Anderson

“To be simply a poorly paid or seldom played composer seems so tragic to me. But to be a woman composer with all the trials and tribulations that seem to go along with being a woman composer, puts everything in perspective. The struggle becomes heroic–not pitiful. The success becomes a success for all of us in the cause, not something merely egoistic.” – Beth Anderson

“I have never been able to understand women composers who do not wish to be called women composers. I understand their argument but it seems so superficial to me. Our strength lies in our identification with women and music.” – Beth Anderson

“I’ve rediscovered the part of my brain that can’t decode anything, that can’t add, that can’t work from a verbalized concept, that doesn’t care about stylish notation, that makes melodies that have pitch and rhythm, that doesn’t know anything about zen eternity and gets bored and changes, that isn’t worried about being commercial or avant-garde or serial or any other little category. Beauty is enough.” – Beth Anderson

“The idea that beauty is revolution is a revelation to me. I once believed that the concept of the music was more important than the sound, that the politics of the notation was more important than the time limits of the rehersals and therefore, more important than the sound of the performance.” – Beth Anderson

“Everything is just better in California – the wine, the food, fruits and vegetables, the comforts of living. Even the instrumentalists are generous and curious. Everything is wonderful.” – Beth Anderson

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