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Avril Lavigne: expressing myself through music


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William Billings Quotes

William Billings was the best known American composer and musician of the eighteenth century, sometimes called the father of American choral music.

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Gustav Mahler Quotes

Gustav Mahler was a Bohemian-born Austrian composer and conductor noted for his 10 symphonies and various songs with orchestra. His work is characterized as part of the Romanticism movement.

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Danger Mouse Quotes

Danger Mouse, is an American musician, songwriter and record producer. He has collaborated with many other artists, including Beck, Daniele Luppi, Norah Jones, Jack White and U2.

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Damon Albarn Quotes

Damon Albarn is an English musician, singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He involved in many projects as the front man for the rock band Blur and as the main creative force behind the pop group Gorillaz.

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Steve Hackett Quotes

Steve Hackett is an English musician who gained prominence as the lead guitarist of the English progressive rock band Genesis from 1971 to 1977.

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Delta Goodrem Quotes

Delta Goodrem is one of Australia’s most awarded and successful female singer songwriters.

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Chuck Eddy Quotes

Chuck Eddy is an independent music journalist.

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Stephen Sondheim Quotes About Songwriting

“When I’m writing a song, I try to be the character.” – Stephen Sondheim “Two of the hardest words in the language to rhyme are life and love. Of all words!” – Stephen Sondheim

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Quotes about Johannes Brahms

“I played over the music of that scoundrel Brahms. What a giftless bastard! It annoys me that this self-inflated mediocrity is hailed as a genius.”

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